Tourmaline Pelvic Belt for lower back and buttocks

New tourmaline pelvic belt for lower back and buttocks

Not used Radium

you can choice 8 size

This product helps your pelvis nicely tightened and makes your posture better.

There are 2 ways to use this product.
pelvic correction
Buttocks exercise

It is possible to apply not only to lower back, but also to belly, lower chest and shoulders.

The texture us thin and smooth so it will stand out when you wear the belt underneath the clothes.

We have a wide range of size.Bigger and wider models are available.

youtube is here

[helcos]Tourmaline Pelvic Belt
Materials/polyester38% polyurethane 42% nylon20%
Printing material / tourmaline

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販売価格 2,750円(税250円)




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