Cleanude / Cleanude MILD

Easy to use, granulated type

Adjustable, depending on your preference

Granulated body pack enabled us to use as much as we need since it is easy to dissolve. Available not only for arms and legs, but also for face. It is possible to peel off without using a strip sheet. We have 2 sticky types: regular and mild ones. Please be noticed that use skin toner such as our product named “Ajn Mist” after the red tinge disappears.

Name of product: Cleanude / Cleanude MILD
Usage: Facial & body pack
Amount: 500g
Country of manufacture: Japan
Ingredients: rosin, rosin acid glyceryl, paraffin, microcrystalline wax, (ethylene / VA) copolymer, stearic acid, BHT

1pc@3890yen 10pcs set@3800yen 1box(40pcs)@3210yen
Cleanude MILD
1pc@3680yen  10pcs set@3564yen 1box(40pcs)@2970yen
販売価格 4,279円(税389円)




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