Facial brush

Facial brush, “Skinup” powder use only
Smooth touch nylon brush

Our special manufacture process enables extremely thin brush tips, which provide you excellent smooth touch. Nylon brush also actualizes easy maintenance! Flat brush is easy to catch makeup powder and prevents from spraying powder into the air. The size is small enough to put into your makeup pouch. Good for carrying around. We sincerely manufacture at Chinese Kumano brush factory using nylon exported from Japan.

Name of product: Facial brush
Material: AS (handle), aluminum (metallic tip), nylon (brush, manufactured in Japan)
Usage: “Skinup” powder use only
Size: 12.5cm (length), 2.5cm (diameter of brush) *approximately
Country of manufacture: China

1pc@2500yen 10pcs set@2352yen 1box100pcs@2000yen→1960yen
販売価格 2,750円(税250円)




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