Ajn Soap 100mL/1000mL

■Facial & body cleansing foam. Slightly acid soap, gentle on your skin.
■Quillaja and soapberry extract, which have been used as a natural cleanser from ancient times, are included.
■Smooth & rich foam gently covers your skin to entirely remove excess sebum and stains.
■No slimy texture after rinsing.
■Available not only for facial cleansing but also for the whole body.
■Aromatic, coloring, animal material, and ethanol are NOT used.

■Main ingredients:
Quillaja: Extract abstracted from barks of the tree called Quillaja. Quillaja naturally grows in South American countries such as Chile, Bolivia and Peru. And it has been used for daily laundry or hair cleansing as soap by South American natives.
Soapberry: Extract abstracted from barks of the tree called Soapberry. Soapberry is also called Chinese soapberry (無患子) and a member of the deciduous trees of the soapberry family.
※The ingredient used in this product, Phenoxyethanol, is normally used as a preservation & disinfection agent, which naturally exists in the world as green tea possesses.

■How to use:
・Bring the foam onto your hand, and then cover your whole skin with foam to rub gently.
・Wash your body is gently as you wash your face.
・Carefully rinse the foam.

★We sincerely recommend hand washing!
It may damage your skin if you wash with a scrubbing towel or brush. We strongly recommend that our customers wash their hands to prevent skin from being damaged.

・Please pay close attention to check if it harms your skin.
・Immediately stop using this product when it harms your skin or situations listed below happen:
When a tinge, swelling, itchiness, stimulus, white spot, or darkening emerges.
When you notice that unusual conditions listed above emerge on your skin, especially when exposed to sunlight after using this product.
・Do does not use the content to body parts where have unusual conditions such as a scar, swelling, and eczema.
・Becareful not to put it in your eyes. Rinse them immediately with water if it happens.
・Do does not store the container laid down.

About this product,
Ingredients: water,
Lauramidopropylbetaine, Glycerol, laureth-6 carboxylic acid Na, 1.2-hexanediol, SODIUM METHYL COCOYL TAURATENa, quillaja bark extract, soapberry extract, glycyrrhizin acid 2K, citric acid, BG, etidronic acid, phenoxyethanol
Usage: facial & body cleansing
100 mL 8pc (@858yen)
1000mL BOX
4pcs (@4224yen)
Country of manufacture: Japan

販売価格 1,760円(税160円)
100mL 8pc
1000mL 4pcs
1000mL 24pcs
100mL 1pc

100mL 8pc
1000mL 4pcs
1000mL 24pcs
100mL 1pc




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